Hi I’m Tiabah!

I’m here to help you live frugally without the overwhelm so you can prioritise the things that matter to you the most 

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Busy Mum

I’ve been there, being able to juggle all things while taking care of the kids is tough. But I managed to find hacks and ways to organise my life in a way that I was able to keep on top of things whilst looking after myself. I want to do the same for you. 

Home Health & Fitness

I’m all for exercising at home and getting that stress all out. There is so much you can do at home and I want to help you feel strong and fit for yourself. I want you eating well and being able to actually feed yourself!  You look after your kids and now I want to help you look after you.


I’m a Mumpreneur! And it’s so exciting! I have learned so much and I keep learning! I want to share what I’m up to along the way. I don’t think life stops when having kids, Follow my journey on how you can have the kids and wear the heels too.

Hi, I’m Tiabah!

I’m here to help you make mum life easy.

I’m a working mum of three. Having worked as a Project Manager in London, I know how difficult it is to work and look after children at the same time.     It’s hard to get that nice balance.

After the birth of my second child, I decided to start my own side hustle and leave my corporate job. Now I enjoy a great work life balance, feeling satisfied that #ivedonemybit

Here’s How I Can Help You


By dividing your day into 3 key areas as part of the Juggling Plan, you too can effectively manage your time.


You’re ready for a change


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