Super back to school uniform sale. Missing these terrific tips?

Super back to school uniform sale. Missing these terrific tips?

Back to school uniform

Hey Bestie, it’s that time of year again that some of us dread, especially if this is the first time. There are so many questions when it comes to buying back to school uniforms…But what if it felt like a super back to school uniform sale? Are you missing these terrific tips?

Bought your school uniform yet?

Even if you’ve already bought all your school uniforms, there are plenty of tips and tricks in this blog that you can benefit from, not to mention a checklist to make sure you’re covered. Read on to check that you haven’t missed any terrific tips. 

When buying school uniforms we are sometimes spoilt for choice both online and at the stores, so it can become overwhelming about what to buy, how much money to spend, knowing the new technology of school uniform types, yes technology! I love the PlayPennies website which has a great blog that has a nice little roundup of some stores you can shop at: School Uniform For All Budgets 2020: Best Deals, Vouchers, Reviews and more

Also to consider are different fashions and school uniform requirements. Like how many of each item?

Out of your pyjamas and into your uniform

Due to lockdown, buying school uniforms might hurt your purse a little bit more this year with some feeling it’s more of a challenge. It also means several school essentials will most likely need replacement. So it’s time to get the kids out of the homeschool comfies and back into their school uniforms. People are increasingly buying school uniforms online due to Covid restrictions but now that the shops have opened up again I think it’s always a nice idea to have a look at clothes in a store where possible and feel the quality, look at the bargains so I mix and match when school uniform shopping. I end up checking items online and going to the shops too.

back to school uniform outfits

How much does school uniform cost?

So why is this blog different? The reason being that I don’t have a big long list of shops that you need to buy from. That doesn’t make sense as we all have different needs. Over the years, I have countlessly bought different school uniforms and consider myself a veteran now 🙂 

As a mum of three at home, it certainly brought out the frugal in me. I’m always finding tips and tricks to save time and money. You can find out more about me here!

I’ve whittled down my choice of school uniforms to six in accordance with quality, cost and good value for money. Spending within budget whilst retaining quality is the trick here.

What Frugality is all about?

That’s the whole point of frugality which is to have value for money and things that you care about. For example, not all school shirts are made from 100 per cent cotton. If your child is like my eldest and has sensitive skin like eczema, then buying cotton shirts will be important for you. 

At the same time, if you want to stay within budget or perhaps your kids are messy. Buying several more polo shirts and trousers will certainly help.

The point being whatever matters to you that’s what you need to spend on. You might need to shop around if you’re on a tight budget. There are some money-saving tips online to buy school uniforms so this blog takes all that all into account without listing a humongous list that is likely to leave some overwhelmed.

living frugality tips

Back to school uniform list

When it comes to buying back school uniforms, I find that having a checklist is a way to stay within budget. All schools should have a uniform list that you can access either on their school website so it’s wise to check before buying items. Always keep the receipt so that you can return items. Why not download or even take a snapshot on your phone of my checklist here to check you’re covered. 

back to school uniform list

Know your kids

The second factor to take into account when buying school uniforms is to think about what matters to you. Is it that you need more of the items because your children are messy? 

From experience, I can tell you that younger children get their clothes dirty quicker. That should come as no surprise 🙂 

Perhaps due to Covid, you might want to wash items more regularly or it might simply be that your kids have sensitive skin. 

Other key school uniform features include good quality and durability. 

The price factor also plays a huge part with spending on school uniforms often running into several hundred pounds. All these factors determine what shops you need to go to and what items and how many you need. 

How many uniforms should I get for school?

So how many items should I get for a school is the question It depends on how regularly you will be washing the clothes so if for example you only have one or two sets of shirts, trousers or skirts, you going to be constantly checking whether you have an item for school the next morning so I would probably say that one is on the scarce side of things and that five or six is on the generous side.

I have tried and tested the perfect number and I believe three items of each, especially shirts, work well. This doesn’t include the socks and underwear!

Most stores stock packs of two or three which is useful and is friendlier on the purse. You can also buy multiple packs if you need more. Not frugal enough yet? Let’s move on to Back to school uniform grants…

Back to school uniform grant

Help with buying school uniforms can be a Godsend and often overlooked. It can be tough buying school uniforms especially if you’re buying for more than one child. 

School uniforms can be quite expensive particularly when children go to either secondary school and college. They want to have more fashionable items or you’ll find that schools are more strict and you’re restricted in terms of colour and item type.

I want to talk about frugality and how staying within your budget helps by buying items that matter important to you. The average that you would probably spend on school uniforms would be more than £300. This is from a report by the Children’s Society in 2020. Prices have risen since then and on average, would be spent on state schools are more than £337 with more than £315 for primary schools.

What’s the Education Act got to do with school uniforms?

The Education Act of 1996 provides help to families on a low income with uniform costs so there’s a lot of people that may be missing out on this because they just are not aware of it.  If you think you might be eligible, take a look at your local council website. You could find it will make a difference to you when it comes to buying school uniforms for your child or children.


Technology, believe it or not, has advanced and it’s worth knowing your riptape fastenings to your shrinking tights when shopping! You’re going to be bamboozled with a lot of jargon.

back to school uniform outfit ideas

Stain-resistant proof shoes, reinforced knee trousers are just to name a few. Have a look at my infographic below. 

Socks and tights come with extra stretch to avoid that shrinkable factor.  Waterproof labels are my favourite. You can purchase these from Amazon (link here) which is a great buy in my opinion. 

Non creases also known as non-iron shirts are just things to keep in mind when you go shopping.

My eldest was always falling in the playground and she came home with ripped trousers. Thank goodness for reinforced knees! knew that I would need more than just a couple of pairs to keep her going through the term.

Rip tape fastening is another favourite for younger kids, simply being that it makes items easy to open and close. 

Back to school uniform sale

You don’t get many sales on school uniforms which is why I haven’t made a huge long list. 

Here are some simple tips to save money. 

  1. Buy packs of … instead of individual items where possible. 

Best school uniform deals: Where to buy reasonably-priced school uniform for kids is a blog listing uniform deals, great for bargains but just a caveat that offers do change. 

2. Check form voucher codes available on free sites/apps like Honey or Shopmium.

3. Marks and Spencer’s have a back to school sale around June/July with around 20 to 25% off.

4. Keep receipts. Sometimes you may find you notice a better deal at another store later. Or perhaps the items just don’t fit anymore. Kids grow fast over summer 🙂 Keep the receipt and you can always return within the return policy. We would like to avoid having to return items so buying a slightly larger size could be handy. 

back to school uniform sale

Buying second-hand school uniforms

Have you ever thought about buying spare school uniform items or second-hand items? Younger children tend to have stains on their skirts, shirts or pinafores quickly and so it can be really helpful to have a few spare items. These don’t necessarily have to be brand new.

Why Vinted is great!

I’m a real advocate of Vinted. It’s a second-hand clothes app that has just about everything that you can buy at great prices. I’m a bit of a Vinted Queen and will be writing a specific blog on it so watch this space. In the meantime, you might want to find out more about it here. Read the Vinted. About us blog.

Hands in the honey pot might just help!

Another app which I like is Honey and Mumsium. It’s a great way to obtain voucher codes and cashback discounts both online and in-store.  

Where to buy uniform for school – the final round-up

There are so many stores that you can shop at for school uniforms. Matalan, Morrisons, Asda, H&M, Amazon, M&S, John Lewis and the list goes on! BACK TO IT Best back to school deals on uniforms at Argos, Sainsbury’s and Matalan with prices starting at £3 has a great list of cheap and cheerful school uniforms. After reading quite a few blogs like these, I have decided my top items are based on my need to have quality cotton clothing due to skin allergies, durability and value for money. 

I haven’t even started on accessories or stationery 🙂

where to buy uniform for school

My Verdict

I hope you liked all my back to school uniform outfit ideas. There is no reason why you need to buy all of your school uniform items from one store. 

The main thing to think about is to know what matters to your kids and you most and factor in money for value sticking to a budget that suits you. That is essentially thinking more frugally.

Also to be aware of any help such as coupons, cashback, multi-packs to consider second-hand items.

Best of luck on your first day back to school. You might like to hop over to my Be The Back to School Queen blog 

Next time when there’s a back to school uniform sale? No sweat, this Bestie has got your back.

Chat soon, 

Tiabah x x