Be The Back To School Queen

Be The Back To School Queen

Are you prepared for back to school ? Yes, I hear most of you say however there’s much more preparation than just buying school essentials. Be the Back to School Queen by organising yourself and your child for school. There are tips from preparing their mindset to knowing your school allowances and much more. Last but not least, how we can organise ourselves better to minimise stress for both parent and child. Let’s make both your and your child’s first day Back to School a memorable experience.

Back to School Preparation

Preparing Mindset

back to school anxiety 2

This is often overlooked but some kids suffer from back to school anxiety. Due to Covid, this may be more of an issue than previous years . I guess we need to be mindful of the stark contrast from being at home to suddenly being in totally different environment. This is especially true for small children.

Ever started a new job and feel anxious about what your first day will be like and whether you’ll fit into the team? Now imagine how a young child feels! There are many things we can do to combat this. For example, there are ‘meet the new teacher’ days before school breaks out which gives children an opportunity to meet their new teacher and get familiar with their new classroom.

Nurseries also have taster sessions which help mums and kids alike to get an idea about what a particular nursery is like and if their child fits in. Believe it or not but establishing routine also plays an important factor in reducing anxiety. Let’s chat about that next. 

Establishing Routine 

Summer holidays are for relaxing. On the other hand, it’s also an ideal time to prepare your child for school. Depending on your child’s age, they might be at the potty training stage before starting nursery. Older kids may need to to work on certain areas like doing their homework on time. A couple of weeks prior to starting school, set an earlier fixed bedtime routine. Limiting iPad exposure is also important. Tough huh?! I’m feeling your pain mums! Being a Back to School Queen takes a little work!

I have personally been using a Kids Weekly Planner. My eldest daughter loves following as it makes her feel independent . We all know how nine year olds hate being told what to do! Find out more about me and how I stay organised here. You too can be super organised by downloading this for FREE. Just laminate it and you can write on it each week. Saves on the printing! It’s EDITABLE so all you need to do is fill in the main task fields. Then print and GO!

KIds Weekly Planner
KIds Weekly Planner

Buying Essentials

back to school clothes 1

Sorry mums, in this blog I’m not going to tell you where to buy your school bags, shoes and other items. It’s not so much where, but what to buy, what sizes, how many!

This is just me but I tend to write a list of items we need to buy from school clothes to swimming caps. Some of these items need to have the school logo or be certain colours so watch out and read your school uniform list. Other items are just easier and cheaper to buy from the school office.

Especially with Covid, it may not be convenient for everyone to go out school uniform shopping. This year, I have bought quite a few items like school shoes online. You may not want to buy items where you’re unsure of the sizes so sometimes items like stationery or bags are easier. I bought a similar Smiggles bag for my eldest. We love these bags as they are good quality and smell great too!

In terms of the right size, its best to start school shopping after the first few weeks of the summer holidays and expect your child to grow by December! If this is just mind boggling as it can be first time then just buy one of each item. I actually remember calling my sister first time haha. On the other hand, not buying enough shirts for example is just another problem.

You want to have enough just to be able to not have to check every night if they have a clean shirt to wear the next day. With the Covid situation, be sure to ask your school, what changes if any they have made to school uniform.

Budgeting & Allowances

Being a Back to School Queen requires some planning ahead. You’ll be surprised how quickly the school issues their term calendar, most do this before the school term starts. We can’t plan for everything but we know of any upcoming school trips. Working mums may need to book leave from work or anticipate additional childcare costs. Find out if the school organises any free/paid clubs.

School meals is also another factor which we tend to overlook. Its universally free for all KS1 pupils (UK). I only wish I had known that I could be flexible with school meals and packed lunches for KS2 onwards. So in a nutshell, find out about any allowances according to your financial circumstances. 

Packed Lunches v School Dinners

Back to School for Mums


The more organised we are, the less we have to deal with on school days! For example, just planning out your meals on a weekly basis and packed lunch options makes life so much easier. Why not freeze some food items such as pies, flapjacks which freeze really well. Get imaginative and join in the kids. They will love both the baking AND the eating part!

I also tend to organise things like a few outfits that I can just whip out in the morning for the school run.  If it’s a new school or nursery you need to travel to by car/bus, just check it out in advance so you know how long it takes at rush hour and/or if there are parking spaces nearby. 

Don’t forget mum, YOU need breakfast too! So organise some quick and healthy brekkie options for those school runs and give yourself those extra ten minutes to avoid gulping it down! 

Wishing all mums and our little ones a great start to the new term.

With all this information, you are a Back to School Queen. You Rock!!

Tiabah x x